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A creative duo

With our 20+ years combined experience in creative roles, our mission is to assist studios small and large in creating compelling and modern content for just about anything. We love being challenged, and with the depth of our skillset we have the ability to take on just about any creative project you have in mind.


What we can do

What'cha need? We are capable of but not limited to: concept art, 2D animation, 3D modeling and texturing, illustration, story boarding, environment art, print, visual effects, video, user interface, production, popping, locking, 2-step, drop, uprock and freeze. If there's anything we can't do we can help you find the people to do it.


Our previous experience


We make games too

Zero Dimension's first game is Cerebrawl, a 2v2 4-player fighting game heavily influenced by games such as Marvel vs Capcom 2 and Street Fighter: Third Strike. Communication is key as you plan tag outs, assist call your partner, and launch your opponents. Our goal is to make a fighting game that removes the player from a solo experience and focuses on highly competitive team-based play.


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